Nestled in the heart of Epping, our recent kitchen installation project embarked on a journey to fulfill the unique aspirations of our client. Their dream was to create a kitchen that exuded a classic charm, blended seamlessly with contemporary elements. The central requirement was to incorporate a large range cooker, a statement piece symbolizing their love for traditional cooking, combined with the sleekness of modern design. The client envisioned a space that was not just a kitchen but a piece of art – functional, beautiful, and a delight to spend time in.

Client requirements

  • A big range cooker as the focal point.
  • A fusion of classic and contemporary styles.
  • A kitchen that’s both highly functional and aesthetically beautiful.
  • Ample workspace and storage without compromising on style.


The primary challenge was the spatial constraints of the area. Integrating a sizable range cooker, typically known for its substantial footprint, into a limited space, while maintaining an airy and spacious ambiance, was a significant design test. Our goal was to achieve this balance without sacrificing the kitchen’s functionality or its elegant aesthetic. We were tasked with designing a kitchen that feels expansive and uncluttered, even with the inclusion of such a large appliance.

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  • Space Optimization: Every inch of the kitchen was meticulously planned. We utilized innovative storage solutions and a thoughtful layout to ensure maximum efficiency.
  • Style Fusion: To blend the traditional with the modern, we selected a light shaker-style design for the cabinetry, adorned with classic style handles. This choice brought a timeless elegance that resonates with the contemporary desire for simplicity and clean lines.
  • Material Selection: Wooden worktops were chosen for their natural beauty and warmth, complementing the light-toned cabinetry while adding a touch of rustic charm.
  • Light Maximization: We focused on enhancing natural light and chose colors and materials that reflect light, making the space feel more open and larger than it is.

The Result

The final result was a breathtaking kitchen that perfectly met the client’s requirements. The large range cooker, beautifully integrated, became the heart of the space, complemented by the understated elegance of the light shaker-style cabinets. The wooden worktops added depth and warmth, while the classic style handles provided a nod to the traditional aspects the client adored. Despite the range cooker’s size, the kitchen retained a spacious and inviting feel, with ample room for movement and culinary exploration.

The fusion of classic and contemporary styles manifested in a harmonious design that was both functional and visually stunning. The kitchen now stands as a testament to our commitment to bespoke craftsmanship, where every client’s vision is brought to life with a blend of creativity and precision.