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Wardrobes design, supply, installation

Over many years as general contractors, we’ve assembled numerous IKEA cupboards and wardrobes, constructed units with MDF panels sourced from builders’ shops, and installed bespoke wardrobes manufactured by leading specialist companies. This extensive experience led us to introduce a bespoke wardrobes design, supply and installation service. At this point, we’ve carefully selected top-quality hardware and materials, ensuring our products match the standards set by industry leaders.

shaker wardrobe sketch shaker wardrobe render

While you might come across cheaper wardrobe fitters, the old saying ”you get what you pay for’ holds true. Cheaper options often compromise on service quality and use of inferior materials, even if not immediately apparent. Setting ourselves apart, we prioritize top-notch service, premium materials akin to industry leaders, all while maintaining affordable pricing.

It’s essential to clarify our role: we don’t just sell you a fitted wardrobe, we oversee the entire project. Starting from initial designs based on your preferences to sourcing materials from trusted suppliers and fabricating the parts, we handle the entire process. This concludes with assembly in your home, where our skilled fitters meticulously install your fitted furniture.

By choosing our wardrobe design, supply, and installation service in London, you’re not just getting a new wardrobe; you’re investing in furniture that adds value and improves your home. Our dedication to quality ensures that your wardrobe will be a functional and aestethically pleasing part of your home for many years to come.