In the vibrant Woodford area, a captivating kitchen remodelling project recently came to fruition, setting new standards in modern kitchen design. Our clients sought to transform their ample kitchen space into a contemporary masterpiece, envisioning a sleek, sophisticated look that harmoniously blended functionality with aesthetic appeal.

Client requirements

  • A sleek, modern design that is both simple and boldly contrasting, designed to make a striking impression.
  • Practicality with surfaces that are easy to clean and maintain, suitable for a busy kitchen environment.
  • Adequate space for multiple cooks, ensuring a functional layout that allows for simultaneous cooking and movement.


  • Design Selection: Embracing the challenge, our team decided on a handleless kitchen design to give a streamlined, modern appearance. The mix of black gloss and matt finishes provided a stunning visual contrast, while gold strips introduced an element of luxury.
  • Material Quality: High-quality materials were chosen for their durability and aesthetic appeal, particularly the black quartz worktops that offered both elegance and practicality.
  • Spatial Planning: Given the generous kitchen space, our design focused on maintaining an open, airy feel while maximizing storage and functionality.

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Balancing the boldness of black cabinetry with the need to keep the kitchen feeling open and spacious presented a unique challenge. The use of dark colors in large spaces can sometimes make them feel smaller or more enclosed. Additionally, ensuring the gold accents complemented rather than overwhelmed the design required careful consideration.

The Result

The completed kitchen is a breathtaking example of modern luxury. The handleless black cabinets, in both gloss and matt finishes, create a striking impact, beautifully complemented by the subtle gold detailing. The black quartz worktops add to the kitchen’s sophisticated charm, while the thoughtful placement of lighting ensures the space feels open and inviting. This kitchen is not just a cooking area; it’s a statement of style and luxury.

The clients were thrilled with the result, which not only met but exceeded their expectations. The kitchen has become the heart of their home – a perfect blend of modern sophistication and practical design.