In Loughton, our latest project involved transforming a kitchen into a simple, yet elegant space. As kitchen fitters in Loughton, our goal was to create a practical and welcoming area, suitable for both cooking and socializing.

Client Requirements

Our client desired a kitchen that felt light and airy, equipped with all modern conveniences. The key was to design a space that was both functional and aesthetically pleasing, with a focus on creating a welcoming atmosphere for family gatherings and daily activities.


To meet these requirements, we chose a U-shaped layout with a breakfast bar. This design is ideal for maximizing space and facilitating easy movement. We selected white shaker-style cabinet fronts to brighten the space and paired them with light grey marble worktops for a subtle contrast. The high ceiling of the space was an advantage, enhancing the kitchen’s airy feel.

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The Challenge

The main challenge was integrating modern amenities without compromising the kitchen’s simplistic charm. We had to ensure that the appliances and storage solutions blended seamlessly with the design, maintaining the clean lines and uncluttered look that the client valued.

The Result

The result is a beautifully balanced kitchen. The white shaker cabinets and light grey marble worktops create a light, open feel, while the U-shaped layout with a breakfast bar provides ample space for cooking and socializing. The high ceiling adds to the sense of spaciousness, making the kitchen not just a cooking area, but a central hub of the home. This project stands as a testament to our ability to combine functionality with style, offering a space that is both practical and inviting.