In the picturesque county of Essex, we’ve recently completed a kitchen installation project that beautifully illustrates our commitment to designing spaces that perfectly align with homeowner aspirations. This particular kitchen, with its thoughtful layout and refined finishes, was designed to be a perfect blend of style and functionality.

Client requirements

  • A functional and aesthetically pleasing kitchen that aligns with contemporary design principles.
  • A practical layout that enhances space utilization, specifically favoring a U-shaped configuration.
  • Durability and style in material selection, particularly for cabinetry and worktops.
  • Adherence to a strictly allocated budget, ensuring that all design choices and materials stay within financial constraints.
  • A desire for a kitchen that not only meets their practical needs but also reflects a modern and inviting atmosphere.


  • Design and Layout: We chose a U-shaped layout, known for its efficiency in utilizing space, providing ample countertop area and easy access to different parts of the kitchen.
  • Color and Material Selection: The cabinetry was selected in a light grey tone, offering a modern yet timeless look. For the worktops, we opted for a high-quality laminate, which provides durability and a stylish appearance.
  • Handle Selection: Brushed nickel handles were chosen for their sleek look and ability to complement the light grey cabinetry beautifully.
  • Space Optimization: We focused on maximizing storage space while maintaining the kitchen’s open and airy feel. This included integrating clever storage solutions within the cabinetry.

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The Challenge

Integrating all the desired elements into the U-shaped layout while ensuring the kitchen remained spacious and uncluttered presented a unique challenge. We needed to balance functional storage solutions with the kitchen’s overall aesthetic.

The Result

The result is a stunningly modern and efficient kitchen in Essex. The light grey cabinetry, complemented by brushed nickel handles and laminate worktops, exudes a contemporary elegance. The U-shaped layout has proven to be both practical and aesthetically pleasing, offering the homeowners a spacious area for cooking and dining. The kitchen has been transformed into a hub of the home, where functionality meets refined design.