One of our projects in Chingford showcases the remodel of a U-shape kitchen that not only meets the practical demands of everyday cooking but also is a straightforward, functional upgrade. It features a smart layout with modern touches, offering a practical and comfortable space for daily kitchen activities.

Client requirements

Our recent project in Chingford involved crafting a kitchen space that embodied both elegance and efficiency. The client’s requirements, though not specifically stated, were clear in their need for a kitchen that maximized utility without compromising on style. They sought a solution that would make the most of their available space, provide ample storage, and reflect a modern yet timeless aesthetic.


In response to the project’s needs, we chose a U-shaped layout for its efficiency in utilizing space. For the cabinetry, we selected grey shaker fronts, known for their timeless charm and adaptability to various decor styles. We opted for laminate worktops with a wood pattern, which offer durability and a warm aesthetic at a more economical price point. The brushed chrome handles were used to add a contemporary edge to the otherwise classic setup. This blend of traditional and modern elements was aimed at creating a kitchen that’s not only functional but also visually appealing and in line with current trends.

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The Challenge

The main challenge in this project was to balance the need for ample storage with the desire for an open and airy kitchen space. Also, the black freestanding dishwasher from the old kitchen had to find it’s place within the knew kitchen.

The Result

The completion of this project in Chingford resulted in a simple yet functional U-shaped kitchen. The grey shaker cabinets and wood-pattern laminate worktops come together to offer a practical solution at an affordable price. It’s a straightforward kitchen design that serves the day-to-day needs of cooking and storage, without any unnecessary frills. This remodel provides a comfortable and efficient space, reflecting the client’s desire for a kitchen that is easy to use and maintain.